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WHO is

The Great Wandini ; )

Sheree Brown-Rosner

is... The Great Wandini ; )

Let's let her Aura tell all.........
As you can see in the photo to the left Sheree's aura is full of vibrant colors, and is very large, much like her effervescent, outgoing personality.

Redish/Orange stretches from the center point and covers over her head like an umbrella. This color stands for energy, grounding, stability, will, vitality, acceptance of earthly existence, and strong emotions (both positive and negitive). Creative and artistic would best describe Sheree, she works hard at whatever she is doing.

The flash of Silver light indicates she has guide energy.This type of energy is very powerful and often serves the purpose of opening the heart chakras of all who she is with.

The golden highlights make it apparent she has at least 4 angels looking over her. The spot of gold on her chest says she brings excitement and fun-times where-ever she goes. Gold of this high quality shows energy of a helping nature is present. Known as guide energy it can indicate powerful spiritual energy, enthusiasm, harmony, inspiration, healing and purification.

The purple splash on the bottom covers her left arm and shoulder, coming in on part of her body. This represents her mystical, magical, physical and charming behavior. Sheree believes in intuition, inner vision, divine wisdom and purpose, enlightenment, and spirituality.

Only a small amount of Green enters by the right hand showing that the future will be a growing time, a time for new experiences.

The hard part is to maintain a strong aura.We all need to be rejuvenated once in a while. Sheree has found that the art of Balloon Twisting keeps her aura strong. After handing her balloon creations to people (of all ages) the SMILES exchanged seem to act like an aura re-charger .


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