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Wandini WINS at TJAM'03

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First Place in 2003

"Everybody in the Pool"

WOW! Look who Won at TJAM'01

International First Place Winner

The Great Wandini

click here (Wandini wins First Place) to find out more, and to see photos of The Medium Fancy Figure that actually MOVED!!! It was sound activated! called "No Fishing" .

another win for Sheree Twist & Shout 2005
Diamond Jam '05 1st place

Excellence in Sharing

3rd place small 2004

another winning sculpture

"The Music Box"

newspaper clips of Wandini in the NEWS
check out this link scroll down to read page 4, Sheree is there! http://www.stereoview.org/buffalo1
This image is 3D when special glasses are worn!

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Balloon Manor 2006
More than 50 balloon artists from across the country and as far away as Japan and Israel helped build the manor, all employing their own styles.
A little ventriloquism adds a dash of delivery to the odd-looking crow with the quivering lips being carried around on the arm of Sheree Brown-Rosner, a Long Island photographer whose side job is making "magical balloons."

part of news story By BEN DOBBIN

Associated Press Writer

At Twist and Shout 2000

in Balloon Sculpture room

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