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Turn your old cameras into CASH$$$

email us with the name and description of the item you have for sale or call us at (516)868-6920

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DIGITAL Cameras for SALE

slightly used...

Nikon D70 Body ONLY $250.00

Canon 10D Body only, in box with all original contents $250.00

Canon 24-70mmL lense only, in box excellent condition $925.00 *SOLD

FILM Cameras for sale

Hasselblad 500 CM bodies and CF Lenses to many to list call for info, (516)868-6920

Hasselblad 500 ELX with 2 ni-cad batteries and charger,

with accute mat screen and waist level finder $600.00 

Mockba V 6X9 Folding Camera $85.00

Mamiya 6 Body with a 75mm lense $1200.00

Mamiya RZ67 with 127mm lense, AE Prisim, 120 Back $750.00

Mamiya C220 Body $75.00

Nikon EM with 50mm lense $75.00

Leica M6 Body $1350.00

35mm 2.8 RF for M3 $250.00

Graflex XL wide with 47mm f8 frame finder, groundglass back $890.00

Graflex 5X7 Stereo Camera model II $2700.00

Contraex Bullseye 50mm 1.4 lense,excellent condition,asking $600.00

Exakta VX 50mm F.2, prism,waistlevel finder, repaired a pinhole in shutter, good condition, asking $100.00 

Image Tech 3-D camera NEW excellent condition,asking $25.00

Silar 3 1/8" lens shutter needs repair, fair condition, with 2 cut film holders, asking $200.00

Leica M-5 chrome body 3 lug, 2 slight dings, very good condition, asking $9500.00

Leitz Elmar 135mm F.4,w/ shade,glass excellent condition,cosmetics very good, asking $250.00

Rolleicord Model III with improved Brightness Focusing screens asking $100.00 (2 available)