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During and after the September 11th attacks on The Twin Towers (WTC) and The Pentagon, I was sad, mad, and confused. I wanted to help in some way, but what could I do?

Then it dawned on me to use my Balloons Around the World time to bring some SMILES back to a Village that was hit hard with lots of missing people.

I grew up in Rockville Centre and I wanted to help. If I could spend a little time making people SMILE and feel good for a while then my time would be well spent.

Needless to say I got permission from the RVC Mayor Gene Murray, and I ended up handing out over 75-100 Balloons to folks coming home from NYC by the Long Island Rail Road. I gave out balloons to Police, Taxi drivers, Postal carriers, kids in cars coming to pick up commuters and even to a hostess from a local restaurant who came over to see what the excitement was all about!

The local paper sent a photographer/editor to cover the story, I felt like I did my good deed and I slept a bit better that night, Oh...the POWER of LATEX!!!

Thanks to Jeff Brown from Alaska we have this wonderful program each year to spread JOY, Happiness and Good Cheer all through the ART of BALLOON Twisting !!!

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